Holy Cross Academy consists of dedicated preschool through fifth grade campuses, that support one middle school campus. The preschool through fifth grade campuses are, St. John Paul II, Our Lady of Providence, and St. Michael the Archangel. The middle school is located at the Annunciation Campus. All parishes maintain a Parish School of Religion program.


At Holy Cross Academy, our school:

  • Provides religious and academic programming that is vibrant, meaningful, and current. The program is administered and taught by individuals who are faith filled and utilize the best practices in school administration and classroom instruction. Students will leave this system well prepared for a successful high school experience and for rich and meaningful lives.

  • Allows the parishes to make Catholic education financially viable, affordable, and accessible for students and parents for many years to come.

  • Provides a governance structure that allows appropriate and realistic involvement of pastors, parents, parishioners, and the large community. The structure fosters a sense of ownership and investment in the school system that is so crucial to its long term success.

Our school provides the parishes of Annunciation, St. John Paul II, Our Lady of Providence, Seven Holy Founders, and St. Michael Archangel, the best opportunity to achieve the vision of Catholic education articulated by Archbishop Carlson in his Mission Advancement Initiative.

Holy Cross Academy is a school with a vibrant Catholic identity that is growing and financially healthy. It is a Catholic school that is "Alive in Christ!"