Arrival and Dismissal

School Hours

The school day runs from 7:30 a.m. until 2:40 p.m.

Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

  1. Cars will enter the front lot and proceed alongside the sidewalk in front of school, pulling as far forward along the sidewalk as possible before stopping. Unless there is a compelling reason (medical) for a student to be dropped off directly in front of the school doors, please avoid doing so as this will back traffic onto West Glendale.
  2. After students have left the car, drivers are to continue around the gym, exiting the back lot by way of Short Avenue. All cars must exit from the back lot to make way for 8:00 Mass traffic and other parent drivers who will be entering through a relatively narrow driveway. Please do not attempt to exit the front lot by way of the main entrance.
  3. If a driver needs to park in order to enter school, please do so in the marked parking spots in the front lot.
  4. At dismissal time enter the front lot and proceed to the back parking lot. You will be directed as to where to park. After the back lot is filled and prior to the students leaving the building, the driveway will be closed. All parked cars will be dismissed from the back lot via Short Avenue.
  5. Once the back parking lot is empty, then remaining autos will enter this area to pick up students.
  6. All students will be dismissed out the back doors of the school building. No one is to park in the front lot for student pickup at dismissal unless there is a student pick-up/drop-off due to a medical appointment, etc.

Students Leaving Early

The following is what you need to do if your child has to leave school early:

  • A written request from parent or guardian is required for a student to leave school prior to dismissal. The note must state the reason for dismissal, the name of the adult who will pick up the child, and the time the child will be picked up.
  • The adult must pick up the child in the School Office, not the classroom. No child will be dismissed directly from the classroom for any reason. This is for the safety and protection of the child.
  • A child who misses more than two hours of school for an appointment will be considered absent one-half day, and more than four hours will be considered absent a full day.