Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

Students may be dropped off starting at 7:15 a.m. K-5 Students go directly to the cafeteria until 7:35 a.m. At 7:35 a.m. students will walk up to their classrooms. Students are tardy at 7:50 a.m. Preschool students will go directly to their classrooms.

  1. Vehicles should travel down Pebble Hill Drive and enter the JP2 parking lot by the rectory.
  2. K- 5 grade families should use the outside lane traveling toward the Huhn center, around the basketball goals and pull forward to the main school doors.
  3. Students should only exit the vehicle on the driver’s side/toward the school building. If a student is riding in the front seat, they must walk in front of the vehicle. Students should be ready to exit the vehicle quickly. If your child is still getting their belongings together, please pull over by the basketball goals and wait to travel in the drop off lane until they are prepared.
  4. Drivers will exit the parking lot onto Mackenzie Road by the playground area. Please drive slowly and watch for Preschool families entering the building.
  5. Families with preschool children will pull forward and park in the preschool parking area and walk preschoolers into the building.
  6. If families need to walk into the building to drop off something in the school office, please park in the Preschool area and enter the building walking down the preschool hall to the main office.

Preschool Pick-up at 11:45

  • Vehicles should travel down Pebble Hill Drive and enter the JP2 parking lot by the rectory. Pull towards the preschool wing and park along the exit lane. 3-5 year olds should park in the lane closest to the school building. Teachers will be waiting at the glass doors facing Mackenzie.
  • 2 year old families will pick-up at the glass doors by the 2 yr classroom. Please park facing forward. Once your child is in the car, pull forward exiting on Mackenzie. Cars should NEVER go in reverse. Please wait for the vehicle in front to pull forward.

Pick-up at 3:00

    1. Drivers should enter the parking lot on the right side of the school building, traveling along side of the church building.
    2. Drivers should pull forward making rows facing forward. Look for cones to designate the beginning of each row.
    3. Adults will need to meet students at the school doors and escort students to their vehicle. K-5 students will exit at door #1, the main doors. Preschoolers will exit at the glass doors and wait on the stairs for parents to sign out students.
    4. If you need to stay after school for a meeting, girl/boy scouts, or to drop off items in the office, please park outside of the pick-up lanes towards the basketball goals. This will allow for other vehicles to exit.
    5. Vehicles will wait in the pick-up lanes until a staff member dismisses each row. This will usually be done by 3:10. Walkers will be dismissed from the main doors, after the parking lot is clear.

Students Leaving Early

The following is what you need to do if your child has to leave school early:

  • A written request from parent or guardian is required for a student to leave school prior to dismissal. The note must state the reason for dismissal, the name of the adult who will pick up the child, and the time the child will be picked up.
  • The adult must pick up the child in the School Office, not the classroom. No child will be dismissed directly from the classroom for any reason. This is for the safety and protection of the child.
  • A child who misses more than two hours of school for an appointment will be considered absent one-half day, and more than four hours will be considered absent a full day.