2 Year Old Program Goals

Our Two Year Old program is focused on providing a positive initial learning experience for your youngest learners.  Our curriculum is designed to help each child achieve the following milestones throughout the year.    We will provide hands on experiences for children to learn and develop new skills while working in a safe and inviting classroom.

Language Skills

  • Increase vocabulary, 3-5 word phrases
  • Identifies animals, simple objects and names friends in class
  • Participates in songs, nursery rhymes, finger plays
  • Looks at books and enjoys listening to stories
  • Expanding vocabulary with the use of plurals, pronouns and past tenses
  • Answers “Who” and “Where” questions


  • Verbally Counting 1-5
  • Comparing and labeling sizes and amounts, big/small, short/tall, more/less
  • Introduction of shapes and colors
  • Matching objects
  • Simple large peg puzzles

Social Emotional

  • Develop self-esteem through self-awareness and a positive self-image
  • Develop independence through learning how to care for oneself
  • Verbalize wants, needs and thoughts
  • Use of manners: please, thank you, I need help
  • Develops basic safety awareness skills

Fine motor

  • Lacing beads
  • Creative Express with the use variety of markers, paint brushes, and drawing materials
  • Draws a simple face, vertical and horizontal lines
  • Rolls, pounds and squeezes playdough
  • Builds tower with blocks

Body Coordination

  • Throws a small object with meaning
  • Catches a ball
  • Jumps with two feet
  • Claps and dances with music
  • Runs with coordination
  • Moves up and down stairs

Personal Skills

  • Identifies self and gender
  • Uses open drinking cup and spoon
  • Identifies body parts
  • Toilet training and gains independence in bathroom
  • Cleaning up classroom and respect for toys
  • Gaining independence with nose blowing and hand washing


  • Prayer is a quiet time before snack and when praying for others
  • Bible Stories and songs
  • Introduction of the Sign of the Cross