7th Grade

The middle school curriculum at Holy Cross Academy focuses on providing learning experiences in which students will recognize, develop, and apply effective communication skills at an age-appropriate level in the areas of reading, writing, spelling, speaking, and listening across the curriculum, enabling the student to be a life-long learner in an ever-changing society. The importance of technology and communication awareness in an information age will be acknowledged and promoted. Communication proficiency, aesthetic appreciation, and creativity are also emphasized and encouraged throughout the language arts curriculum. Students will engage in strategies that allow them to be knowledgeable and proficient thinkers who will make positive contributions to society through further education and/or employment.

For a more detailed overview of each subject by grade please see the curriculum maps.

  • Religion

    Religion Icon The Divine Person of Christ (First Semester)

    Students will study the themes of the life and ministry of Jesus as told in the Gospel stories. They will deepen their personal relationship with Christ through activities designed to help them actively engage in learning about Jesus as man and Jesus as divine. During 7th grade, students will investigate the mystery of the Holy Trinity and how God, Man, and Spirit are united. Students will analyze the teachings of Jesus as they pertain to the time in which they were written as well as their call to a life of morality and a commitment to social justice today. The focus of this class will be the development within each child of a deep and personal relationship with Christ.

    Sacramental Life (Second Semester)

    During the second semester of seventh grade students will study the seven sacraments including their Scriptural origins and connection to Christ. They will reflect upon the power of the sacraments and the grace of God that is bestowed upon those who receive them. Students will study each individual Sacrament, reflecting on their own reception, as well as, the significance and meaning of each of the sacrament. They will apply this knowledge to real life events as they come to understand receiving the sacraments as a call to living a grace filled life. The focus of this class will be the cultivation within each child of an understanding that our relationship with Christ calls us to be people of action.

    Faith Concepts/Catholic Beliefs

    • Church and Sacraments, Units 1-2
    • Jesus in the New Testament, Units 1-2


  • English

    English IconThe Holy Cross Academy middle school student focuses on reading and writing fiction and nonfiction. Students will identify and organize information using a newspaper/magazine article, editorial, or a news program. During reading, students develop and apply reading strategies to self-question and correct, infer, visualize, and predict and check. In addition, notes are taken to identify and explain media techniques used to convey messages in various media. Students will focus on figurative language (symbolism, hyperbole, and imagery) in fiction (poetry and prose) and nonfiction texts. Using selected novels, students apply pre-reading strategies to aid comprehension, and post-reading strategies to comprehend and interpret. Students will analyze consumer texts such as product information and identify and interpret figurative language. Students will also analyze propaganda techniques and write multi-paragraph expository essays. Using a theme of understanding propaganda, students will demonstrate active and critical listening behaviors, use an organized note-taking system, and effectively use visual and audio media to demonstrate and present their understanding of key concepts within a designated time limit. Holy Cross Academy students will use methods for constructing sentences using parts of speech such as nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, with subject/verb agreement, correct punctuation, capitals, word usage, and parts of speech.

    The Parts of Speech - Grammar

    • Nouns
    • Adjectives
    • Pronouns
    • Verbals
    • Adverbs
    • Prepositions
    • Sentences
    • Written Expression
    • The Editing and Revising Process
  • Literature

    Language Arts

    Our 7th grade Literature curriculum consists of:

    • Reading
    • Written and Oral Communication
    • Word Study


  • Mathematics


    Math Seventh grade students at Holy Cross Academy will learn Pre-Algebra mathematical concepts and skills designed to prepare them for success in eighth grade Algebra. Students will learn about equations, inequalities and variables as well and polynomial expression and graphing. Students will solve real life mathematical problems by measuring angles, area, surface area, and volume. Online mathematical programs will be used to support classroom learning, as well as, to create opportunities for differentiated instruction for all Holy Cross Academy learners.

    • Algebraic Expressions and Integers
    • Solving One-Step Equations and Inequalities
  • Science

    ScienceLife Science

    Using scientific inquiry and hands-on learning, students will demonstrate a clear understanding of basic life processes, cell theory and structure, osmosis, and diffusion. Students will study the life cycle of plants. They will learn to classify all living things based on their characteristics as well as studying viruses and bacteria. Seventh graders at Holy Cross Academy will study the structure and function of DNA and the processes by which human characteristics are passed from generation to generation. Students will apply knowledge to real world experiences by studying common ailments of the body caused by viruses and bacteria, as well as, the impact unhealthy life styles can have on the body. Students will also study the systems of the human body including the nervous, circulatory, and the endocrine system.

    Our 7th grade Science curriculum consists of:

    • Bacteria to Plants
    • Aquatic Ecosystem
    • Cells and Heredity


  • Social Studies

    Social StudiesThe Social Studies curriculum, although divided into separate course offerings, at all grade levels incorporates an introduction to the principles of constitutional democracy, principles and processes of governance systems, economic concepts and principles, elements of geographical study and analysis, the relationships of individuals and groups to institutions and traditions, and the tools of social science inquiry.

    American History - Four Semesters

    Coursework encompasses American history from the Age of Discovery to the present. Summer readings prior to entry into both of these grade levels will be utilized to explore topics of student interest.

    Our 7th grade Social Studies curriculum consists of:

    • The World in 1500: Beginnings - 1500
    • European Exploration of the Americas: 1492-1700
    • The English Establish 13 Colonies: 1585-1732
    • The Colonies Develop: 1700-1753
    • Beginnings of an American Identity: 1689-1763
    • The Road to Revolution: 1763-1776
    • The American Revolution: 1776-1783
    • Confederation to Constitution: 1776-1791
    • Launching a New Republic: 1789-1800
    • The Jefferson Era: 1800-1816
    • National and Regional Growth: 1800-1844
    • The Age of Jackson: 1824-1840
    • Manifest Destiny: 1810-1853
    • A New Spirit of Change: 1820-1860
    • The Nation Breaking Apart: 1846-1861
    • The Civil War Begins: 1861-1862
    • The Tide of War Turns: 1863-1865
  • Spanish


    Our 7th grade Spanish curriculum consists of:

    • Comprehension
    • Translates grade level vocabulary:
      • Greetings
      • Courtesy
      • Numbers 1-100
      • Beginning Words
      • Colors
      • Calendar Information
      • Weather Expressions
      • Classroom Objects
      • Family Words
      • Descriptive Adjectives
      • Clothing Words
      • Food, cafe, and market words
      • Verbs
    • Communication and Conversation
    • Culture
    • Grammar
    • Pronunciation
  • Art

    Art Art is man's attempt to mirror God's beautiful creation. Through art, the Holy Cross student will be able to enrich his understanding of God's love, goodness, wisdom, and power, and develop, express, and share his God-given artistic talent. Students will continue to increase appreciation of the visual arts by developing and exploring creative experiences. The intended outcome is for the Holy Cross student to become introspective as they move to develop their own level of competence and personal style.


  • Music

    Fine Arts

    Ideally, students have completed a rich and comprehensive K-5 program in music before entering the middle school music program. Because of the musical background developed in elementary school, students will be prepared and motivated for more advanced musical experiences. The middle grades program is designed to act as a bridge between the elementary and high school music programs. Teachers guide students through developmentally appropriate experiences in music which help to build necessary skills for success in both music and other facets of life. Singing experiences are adjusted appropriately to accommodate the changing voice. Students work more frequently within a group of peers, demonstrating skills of cooperation, and learning to compromise and be team players.

    Students will have many opportunities to experience music at the middle school level. They may choose to participate in general, choral, and/or instrumental music courses.

    Our 7th grade Music curriculum consists of:

    • Classroom Singing
    • Music Theory
    • Music History
    • Learner Qualities


  • Physical Education

    PEA variety of activities will be provided, including team and individual games and fitness training/testing, which promote mental, social, and physical well-being. Principles of exercise, fitness, and movement skills will also be addressed.

    The Holy Cross Academy middle school curriculum objectives for Health and Physical Education address the areas of safety, nutrition, mental health, disease prevention, violence prevention, human life cycles, alcohol, tobacco, and drug prevention.

    The Physical Education Program at Holy Cross Academy will be aligned with state requirements and guided by the six national standards for physical education. They are:
    1. Demonstrates competency in motor skills and movement patterns to perform a variety of physical activities.
    2. Demonstrates understanding of movement concepts, principles, strategies, and tactics as they apply to the learning and performance of physical activities.
    3. Participates regularly in physical activity.
    4. Achieves and maintains a health-enhancing level of physical fitness.
    5. Exhibits responsible personal and social behavior that respects self and others in physical activity settings.
    6. Values physical activity for health, enjoyment, challenge, self-expression, and/or social interaction.


  • Curriculum Map