Middle School Uniform


Grades 6-8
Shirt: White or Navy - Polo
Skirt: Mayfair 868
Slacks/Shorts: Khaki uniform slacks/shorts


Grades 6-8
Shirt: White or Navy - Polo
Slacks/Shorts: Khaki uniform slacks/shorts


8th Grade students may wear their 8th-grade class shirt and/or 8th-grade sweatshirt, any day except Mass days.  

*Uniform items can be purchased through local retailers or Just Me Apparel.

Grades K-8

Sweatshirt: Navy, Embroidered or Applique

Fleece Leggings/Tights: Ankle length, Black or Navy (plain - no lace, buttons, etc.)

Socks: White, Navy, or Black (must be visible and matching)

Gym Uniform: Gray logo t-shirt with Navy mesh shorts

Belts: Black or Brown

Shoes: Black or Brown leather or tennis shoes are permitted.
Please no black-soled shoes that will scuff the floors. No hiking boots, flip flops, hi-tops, CROCS sandals, or inappropriate heels are allowed.

No makeup, including eye makeup, or jewelry, except for religious medals, watches, and post-earrings which do not fall below the earlobe will be permitted.

No unnatural hair coloring (i.e. red, green, or orange) will be accepted.