Middle School Uniform


Grades 6-8
Shirt: White or Navy - Polo
Skirt: Mayfair 868
Slacks/Shorts: Khaki uniform slacks/shorts


Grades 6-8
Shirt: White or Navy - Polo
Slacks/Shorts: Khaki uniform slacks/shorts


8th Grade students may wear their 8th grade class shirt and/or 8th grade sweatshirt, any day with the exception of Mass days.  

*Uniform items can be purchased through local retailers or Just Me Apparel.

Grades K-8

Sweatshirt: Navy, Embroidered or Applique

Fleece Leggings/Tights: Ankle length, Black or Navy (plain - no lace, buttons, etc.)

Socks: White, Navy or Black (must be visible and matching)

Gym Uniform: Gray logo t-shirt with Navy mesh shorts

Belts: Black or Brown

Shoes: Black or Brown leather or tennis shoes are permitted.
Please no black soled shoes that will scuff the floors. No hiking boots, flip flops, hi-tops, CROCS or sandals or inappropriate heels are allowed.

No makeup, including eye makeup, or jewelry, except for religious medals, watches, and post earrings which do not fall below the earlobe will be permitted.

No unnatural hair coloring (i.e. red, green, orange) will be accepted.