Listed below are a sample of some of the electives we have been proud to offer our middle school students in previous semesters.  These classes give students the opportunity to learn more about a particular subject that they find interesting.  As we look to better serve our students, we are always looking for new electives that we can offer, so the list of electives offered will change from year to year, and give our students more chances to learn about new subjects.

Lean On Me - Serving Others in Our Community

Service is one of the core values of Holy Cross Academy. We will make a variety of hands-on, creative community service projects to bring joy to people who are in need. Some items will be designed, made, and then sold in order to donate money for those in need. We will be helping with local nursing homes, food pantries, and homeless shelters.


Internal Combustion Engines

This course will be truly hands-on. Students will learn how a gasoline engine functions, as well as disassemble and reassemble a small engine. The students will work in pairs. No prior mechanical experience is required.


Multi-media Production

This technology class will be devoted to teaching students how to use a variety of computer programs which may be integrated into classroom use. The students will learn and practice the skills necessary to complete assignments and create excellent class projects and presentations. PowerPoint and Prezi will be used to incorporate data, music, and videos. The students will also demonstrate basic photo editing skills. The students will create, publish, and critique digital projects that reflect their understanding of the content and their technological skills.



Students will work with clay to learn hand building techniques.  Students will create works of art from pinch pots, using coils and slabs.  Students will have the opportunity to try their hand at wheel throwing.  Ceramics will be finished sing glazing techniques.


Art Open Studio

The students will create in a choice based art environment. Each student will work within a common theme, while diving into the medium of their choice.


Chinese Culture & Calligraphy

Students will gain varied glimpses of Chinese society, history and culture. We will create artwork and make food. Students will explore the importance of China in the 21st century.



The students will learn the evolution of photography, camera mechanics, and terminology. They will capture photos, learn to frame, practice nature photography, and use photos as art. Further on, they will discover modern digital technologies and practice the skills they have learned such as photo manipulation, editing, and publishing. This course will provide opportunities outside the classroom for the students to demonstrate their creativity!



Music is another form of prayer. Share your talents as you serve your school. Students will learn performance skills and utilize these skills leading the music at our school liturgies. The students in the choir may also have the opportunity to perform at other Holy Cross Academy events.



Band is an opportunity to become involved in an activity that will provide countless hours of enjoyment and teach our students many skills. From the start, the students will be taught the mechanical and physical aspects of playing an instrument and go on to apply this knowledge to the process of reading music. The instruments included in this elective are: Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone, Tuba and Percussion which includes drumming and keyboard (mallet) percussion.


Monthly Newsletter

During this course students will investigate, write news and human interest stories about Holy Cross Academy. After research and interviews the students will draft, edit and publish expository essays. Our monthly newsletter will contain stories, news and photos of interest to our community.



Keyboarding is a life-long skill that will benefit students throughout their academic and professional career. The students will learn to type using the home row method. Keyboarding will be taught in the media center.


Basic Cooking

Students will learn the basics of cooking and baking. After finishing this course they will be able to prepare meals for themselves and their families. Nutrition will also play a big part in determining what foods to make.


Theater Performance

This class will be devoted to rehearsal of music, dialog, blocking and choreography for a spring musical theater performance which will be presented on Tuesday, May 5, in the school gym at 1:30 p.m. and 7 p.m. Students will have the opportunity to learn the skills and concepts of live theater performance. This class reflects the goal of Holy Cross Academy to enrich the academic program with extra-curricular opportunities outside the classroom for students to further identify and develop their gifts and talents to enhance their creative capabilities.


Problem Solving

Problem Solving is designed to be an interactive and fun class for sixth and seventh graders who love math - we will be discussing a wide range of interesting math problems, puzzles, and games. Homework consists of a few challenging problems, and students are encouraged to collaborate with friends and family.


Multicultural Art

The students will investigate themes, ideas and symbolism in art from various cultures. The students will study and create artwork using different techniques, tools and materials as they engage in multicultural arts.