Early Childhood: Ages 2 - 5 Years

Our Teaching Philosophy - Learning-by-Doing

Early ChildhoodAt Holy Cross Academy, we believe that our curriculum will accommodate each child as the special and unique individual that he/she is. Our curriculum is designed for children between the ages of 2 and 5 years. Each child will progress through the curriculum at their own rate and will be challenged. We believe that children “learn by doing”, and we will provide activities that will stimulate their curiosity and creativity.  We will strive to foster a positive self-image, build self-esteem and stimulate each child’s intellectual, social, emotional and physical development.

Our goal is to enrich the lives of children early in their education so that they develop a love for learning. We strive to help each child grow as a well-rounded child, able to assume an active role both in the Church and in their world.

Students are actively engaged in a variety of learning opportunities throughout the day with play, group and individual projects.  Each week a variety of special classes will be offered: music, gym, science, body/balance and religion.
Art is done in classrooms through a diverse styles and methods.

Every Child

  • Is a unique, complex learner, with many talents;

  • Is a social being who learns through the development of relationships with peers and adults;

  • Is entitled to learning environments that support optimal development of the whole child;

  • Learns through child-initiated, child-directed, and teacher-supported play.

Age Requirements

  • Children need to be 2 years old prior to starting in our year round program. Children joining the traditional program, Mid-August through May, should be 2 years old prior to July 31. 

  • Students entering the 2 year old classroom can still be in diapers. Staff work with children to  become toilet trained.

  • Students need to be 3 years old before July 31, to enroll in the 3 year old classroom. 

  • Students entering a 3 to 5 year old classroom are required to be fully independent in the bathroom.