Academics at Holy Cross Academy

Holy Cross Academy provides a rigorous, well-rounded faith-based curriculum.

The academic core curriculum focuses on providing individualized, hands-on education for each student, while being consistent and unified throughout the entire Academy.  Emphasis is not only on the basic elements of a high-quality education, such as basic literacy in mathematics and science, appreciation of literature, good grammar skills, and a grasp of our nation's history, but also on what is expected of productive citizens in the 21st century.  Such skills as high level critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, teamwork, and leadership are hallmarks of the Holy Cross Academy educational program.

Instruction at Holy Cross Academy will be marked by a high level of student and teacher technology integration in all subjects at all grade-levels.  In addition to basic computer literacy, students will use technology to gather information to solve problems and to demonstrate their own creative responses to teacher assessments.

All core subject areas, including science, mathematics, literature, grammar, social studies, are a part of the instructional program at Holy Cross Academy. The curriculum and instruction focuses on helping students gain knowledge and skills in these areas, but involves an emphasis on the everyday application of their knowledge and skills to solve real world problems.

As our society becomes more global, it is essential for students to gain an understanding, awareness of, and appreciation for other cultures. Therefore, students in every grade-level at Holy Cross Academy take Spanish as a foreign language.  

Fine Arts (Music, Art, & Drama), Physical Education, and Health Education also have their appropriate places during the instructional year.  Holy Cross Academy students experience a variety of activities for growth and enjoyment.

Students in Science Class

Students Collaborating