Preschool Uniform


  • Light blue, short &/or long sleeve t-shirt with HCA logo
  • Royal blue, short &/or long sleeve t-shirt with HCA logo

These shirts are available for purchase through Lipic's Engagement. It should be noted that the toddler-size t-shirts run small.


  • Pants (pull on - no zipper or button)
  • Shorts (pull on - no zipper or button)
  • Athletic pants
  • Athletic shorts
  • Sweatpants

All bottoms must be Navy Blue however, these can be purchased at any retail outlet (Walmart, Target, etc.) or you may purchase from one of our uniform companies: (Just Me Apparel). 

Preschool Girl Options:

  • Plaid Jumper
  • Preschool Knit Polo Dress (short sleeve) 
  • Preschool Knit Polo Dress (long sleeve)
  • Pull on Skort
  • Pleated Navy Adjustable Waist Skort
  • Leggings/Tights (can be Navy, White, Gray or Black)

*The above items are available through local retailers or Just Me Apparel. 
**Preschool knit dress may be embroidered with the school logo however that is not required. 

All preschool students are required to have the Classic Tote. This is available through Lipic's Engagement.


  • We encourage buying a t-shirt for the number of days that your preschooler attends HCA. (ex: 3 days = 3 shirts) Preschoolers are busy during the school day, playing, painting, and eating and this can make for messy shirts. 
  • Preschoolers must wear tennis shoes or close-toed shoes daily with socks. 
  • No sandals, flip flops, or Crocs allowed
  • Girls should wear shorts (any color) under a jumper or knit dress.
  • Preschoolers do NOT wear polo-style shirts. We would like them to be easily identified from the other students by modeling the Royal Blue or Light Blue shirts.