The commitment to individual and spiritual development at Holy Cross Academy is reflected in the philosophy and practices of the Fine Arts program. Student motivation, performance, and achievement are enriched through the study and analysis of the various genres within the fine arts. The fine art elective courses offered at Holy Cross Academy middle school classes will be flexible and varied to meet individual student's needs and interests, while generating an appreciation for the arts and develop self-confidence, self-esteem, poise, self-motivation, dedication, perseverance, and responsibility.

Art is man's attempt to mirror God's beautiful creation. Through art, the Holy Cross student will be able to enrich his understanding of God's love, goodness, wisdom, and power, and develop, express, and share his God-given artistic talent. Students will continue to increase appreciation of the visual arts by developing and exploring creative experiences. The intended outcome is for the Holy Cross student to become introspective as they move to develop their own level of competence and personal style.

Ideally, students have completed a rich and comprehensive K-5 program in music before entering the middle school music program. Because of the musical background developed in elementary school, students will be prepared and motivated for more advanced musical experiences. The middle grades program is designed to act as a bridge between the elementary and high school music programs. Teachers guide students through developmentally appropriate experiences in music which help to build necessary skills for success in both music and other facets of life. Singing experiences are adjusted appropriately to accommodate the changing voice. Students work more frequently within a group of peers, demonstrating skills of cooperation, and learning to compromise and be team players.

Students will have many opportunities to experience music at the middle school level. They may choose to participate in general, choral, and/or instrumental music courses.