Sixth Grade - Foundations of Math
Foundations of Math will help students solidify basic mathematical skills gained in elementary school by applying them to real world situations. Students will multiply and divide fractions and decimals as well as calculating area, surface area, and volume. They will enhance their knowledge of statistics by studying probability, statistical variability, and through the creation of their own graphs and statistical representations. Students will convert units in the metric and standard systems. The Holy Cross Academy student will lay the foundation for future math classes by learning to add and subtract algebraic equations including equations with dependent and independent variables, as well as, equations with more than one variable.

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Seventh Grade - Pre-Algebra
Seventh grade students at Holy Cross Academy will learn Pre-Algebra mathematical concepts and skills designed to prepare them for success in eighth grade Algebra. Students will learn about equations, inequalities and variables as well and polynomial expression and graphing. Students will solve real life mathematical problems by measuring angles, area, surface area, and volume. Online mathematical programs will be used to support classroom learning, as well as, to create opportunities for differentiated instruction for all Holy Cross Academy learners.

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Eighth Grade - Algebra

Holy Cross Academy eighth graders will complete algebraic processes such as factoring polynomials and solving polynomial equations. They will understand and be able to apply the quadratic formula and the Pythagorean Theorem. Students will solve linear equations using substitution and elimination as they learn to graph linear equations. Students will be given many opportunities for advanced learning, including access to online activities and assessments that will allow for differentiated instruction in order to meet the needs of all Holy Cross Academy students.

Please click here for the detailed 8th grade Math curriculum