The Social Studies curriculum, although divided into separate course offerings, at all grade levels incorporates an introduction to the principles of constitutional democracy, principles and processes of governance systems, economic concepts and principles, elements of geographical study and analysis, the relationships of individuals and groups to institutions and traditions, and the tools of social science inquiry.

Sixth Grade (Two Semesters) - Ancient Civilizations
The sixth grade Holy Cross Academy student will explore ancient civilizations of the eastern and western hemispheres, with an emphasis on the empires of Mesopotamia, Greece, and Rome; the development of the Chinese culture; and the history of Europe and its relationship to Asia and Africa.

Seventh and Eighth Grades (Four Semesters) - American History
Coursework encompasses American history from the Age of Discovery to the present. Summer readings prior to entry into both of these grade levels will be utilized to explore topics of student interest.

A research project will be a course expectation of the second semester of the eighth grade.