Sixth Grade- Scriptural Foundations
Sixth grade students at Holy Cross Academy will spend first semester immersed in the culture and context of the Hebrew or Old Testament Scriptures. They will study the patriarchs of our Catholic faith as well as the Scriptural foundations for Jesus' mission and ministry. Students will come to understand Scripture as the Word of God by applying its message to the reality of their lives today. During the second semester, students will switch their focus to the New Testament. Students will study the beginnings of our Roman Catholic faith as told through Scripture. Students will broaden their understanding of Christ as they study his words and actions as recorded in Scripture. The focus of this class will be cultivation of the understanding of Scripture as the Living Word of God, applicable to all lives and all seasons.

Seventh Grade- The Divine Person of Christ (First Semester)
Students will study the themes of the life and ministry of Jesus as told in the Gospel stories. They will deepen their personal relationship with Christ through activities designed to help them actively engage in learning about Jesus as man and Jesus as divine. During 7th grade, students will investigate the mystery of the Holy Trinity and how God, Man, and Spirit are united. Students will analyze the teachings of Jesus as they pertain to the time in which they were written as well as their call to a life of morality and a commitment to social justice today. The focus of this class will be the development within each child of a deep and personal relationship with Christ.

Seventh Grade -Sacramental Life (Second Semester)
During the second semester of seventh grade students will study the seven sacraments including their Scriptural origins and connection to Christ. They will reflect upon the power of the sacraments and the grace of God that is bestowed upon those who receive them. Students will study each individual Sacrament, reflecting on their own reception, as well as, the significance and meaning of each of the sacrament. They will apply this knowledge to real life events as they come to understand receiving the sacraments as a call to living a grace filled life. The focus of this class will be the cultivation within each child of an understanding that our relationship with Christ calls us to be people of action.

Eighth Grade - Roman Catholic Christianity
During their eighth grade year, students will review the origins of the Catholic faith. They will study the scriptural roots as well as the history of the Catholic Church. They will come to understand the many rituals and symbolism that are inherent throughout our faith. Students will learn to read and understand the liturgical calendar, its symbols and their meanings. Students will study the Catholic catechism, its origins, as well as applying its teachings and guidelines to real world situations. This class will focus on creating within each child, ownership of his/her Catholic faith.